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The WPBA Presents Season 1 of, The Owners Corner, YouTube series hosted by Vera Jones

THE BUSINESS OF BASKETBALL: What is it like being the principal owner of a women's professional basketball team? For many years, black men and women have found themselves on the periphery of true power in an industry their talent built, but the WPBA is looking to change this narrative. Join Award-Winning Television & Radio Broadcaster Vera Jones as she host "The Owners Corner". Here we'll take an indepth look through the eyes of ownership - moments of indecision, to profound resilence, as owners share their stories and mindset. What motivates them to strive for such lofty goals knowing the challenges they'll be facing? Perhaps it's the desire to do something authentically for the game they've loved for so long, or perhaps it stems from wanting to leave something inspirational for the future . Whatever their reasoning, each of them are creating stronger communities in the process, while creating something bigger than themselves for the future.

Tune in October 28th for the first segment of "The Owners Corner" featuring league Commissioner, Tamika Milburn. The Women's Professional Basketball Association. Community invested, for something bigger then themselves.

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