Shatrina Smalls


Shatrina Smalls, the founder of Greensboro Kaos Basketball Organization, has been involved with the game of basketball for over two decades. Shatrina developed a love of sports early, starting with soccer at age nine and then adding basketball. As she got older, Shatrina juggled multiple sports, soccer, basketball, bowling and track and field. When she entered high school, Shatrina cut down each sport little by little until basketball was her primary focus. Shatrina went on to play basketball in college until injury forced her to end competitive play. Shatrina began coaching at Manchester Township High School in 2007, while still a senior in college. She has coached and trained players from the recreation to professional level and has always held a deep passion for the sport. 

Shatrina was inspired to start her own team because of her support system. Her family and friends understood how much love Shatrina has for the game of basketball. And when the opportunity to formulate her own team presented itself, Shatrina’s support system encouraged her to pursue her passion. Shatrina believes basketball has given so much to her and she appreciates being in a position to share her passion and give opportunities to other women on and off the court.

Shatrina understands being an owner comes with tremendous responsibility but believes her history playing basketball has prepared her for the task. Shatrina expects for the Greensboro Kaos to have a winning season, but to also be in a position to give back to the community.

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